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Terms of Service

Terms and conditions — aka terms of use or terms of service — are integral to the protection and success of your website.

They outline how you and your users are permitted to act, address your dispute resolutions and governing laws, reiterate your intellectual property rights, and limit your liabilities. 

The purpose of writing a terms and conditions policy is to create a legal relationship between you and your customers where you provide services to them. In turn, they must follow the rules established in your agreement.  

It also allows you to:

  • Outline acceptable and prohibited uses on your platform
  • Manage user expectations
  • Establish a process for terminating and suspending user accounts
  • Prove deliberate trade or copyright infringement
  • Set your governing laws and dispute resolutions
  • Post disclaimers or warranties as required by applicable law

You can also link to other relevant legal and website policies you want your users to be able to access, read, and agree to, like your: