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PATONA Platinum Powerstation Autarc 2000

PATONA Platinum Powerstation Autarc 2000 / 2000W 1920Wh PD100W USB5V/3A DC12V/10A DC5525

Introducing our versatile power station, your go-to energy source for home, work, hobbies, and outdoor adventures. With four 230V sockets, three USB-C PD ports, two DC 12V/10A ports, and a cigarette lighter socket, it charges smartphones, laptops, cameras, and more, while powering devices like TVs, fans, and hair dryers, all without a fixed power connection. Portable with a sturdy handle, it’s perfect for on-the-go power needs. Plus, a built-in LED light provides three brightness levels. Its UPS function safeguards your devices during power outages, switching seamlessly to battery power in just 13 ms. And for even more power, connect it in parallel with other units of the same model.



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