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PATONA Platinum Powerstation Autarc 1000

PATONA Platinum Powerstation Autarc 1000 / 1000W 1000Wh PD100W USB5V/2.4A DC12V/10A DC5525

Introducing our versatile power station – your reliable source of energy for various fields and applications, from household and work to hobbies and camping adventures. Wherever you find yourself, this powerhouse allows you to charge essential devices like smartphones, computers, cameras, drones, and an array of electronic gadgets at any time. Not only that, but it empowers you to operate other essential appliances such as TVs, fans, sound systems, hair dryers, and lighting independently of a fixed power connection. With three sockets, each delivering 230V with a maximum output of 1000W, and an array of ports including three USB-C PD ports, two DC 12V/10A ports, and one cigarette lighter socket, you have the flexibility to power your world without constraints. Designed with mobility in mind, this power station features a sturdy handle, allowing you to take it anywhere you need a mobile power source. But that’s not all � we’ve also added a built-in LED light on the backside, illuminating your surroundings in three adjustable brightness levels, making it the perfect companion to bring light into the darkness during your adventures. With our power station, you’re not just getting power on demand; you’re getting a versatile, portable, and reliable solution that empowers you to keep your devices running and your environment well-lit, no matter where you are.



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