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Aquamot Trend Line 4.3

Trend 4.3KW long shaft 48V DC with Tiller.

Electric outboard with tiller or remote steering from Aquamot. The power of 4.3 kW is suitable for boats up to about 4 tons displacement. The e-motor from Aquamot is completely silent and 100% emission-free.



This innovative electric boat motor, is designed to elevate your boating experience. With slow-turning, gearless electric motors, you’ll enjoy maximum smoothness on the water. Our Plug & Play connectors, cleverly integrated into a high-quality aluminum housing, eliminate visible cables, ensuring a clean and streamlined look. Stay informed about battery status and engine information with the convenient tiller display. Outstanding overall efficiency is achieved through its flow-optimized drive housing which minimizes resistance for optimum performance. The trend line is equipped with 100% maintenance-free brushless three-phase asynchronous motors. Safety is ensured, thanks to the electronic protections installed against various scenarios. With user-friendly features like manual trimming, automatic disengagement upon contact with the ground, and theft protection options, Aquamot’s electric boat motor is your ticket to worry-free and enhanced boating adventures.



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