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Apelo A1 Polymer (White / Blue)

Illuminate your aquatic world like never before with the Apelo A1 Underwater Light. This exceptional lighting solution combines Optical Intelligence and cutting-edge materials to deliver a stunning 1800 lumens of brilliant white and blue light, creating awe-inspiring illumination experiences for your underwater adventures.

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Optical Intelligence for Unparalleled Brilliance
Apelo’s Optical Intelligence technology is at the heart of the A1, focusing light patterns with remarkable efficiency beneath the waterline. Its narrow vertical but wide horizontal angle ensures higher brightness when viewed from above, enhancing your aquatic environment with unparalleled radiance.
Unrivaled Clarity and Durability
Crafted with precision, the Apelo A1 features a high-strength, UV-resistant Grilamid lens that guarantees exceptional transparency and durability. No matter the conditions, your underwater world will be bathed in clear, vibrant light.
Built to Last, Designed in New Zealand
Designed and manufactured in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, Apelo underwater lights adhere to the highest International Standards. With an impressive level of robustness, fit, and finish, the A1 is built to withstand the most demanding aquatic environments.
Surface Mount Design for Versatile Compatibility
The Apelo A1 boasts a surface mount design with an ultra-durable, corrosion-resistant thermal polymer housing. This ensures compatibility with any hull material, making installation a breeze for any watercraft.
Reliable Illumination, Guaranteed Protection
Advanced electronics within the Apelo A1 guarantee reliable illumination and lamp protection, even in the face of severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages. Eliminate worries about interference with radios, chart plotters, and other onboard devices�Apelo lamps are engineered to suppress potential disruptions. The Apelo A1 comes with a 5-year warranty.



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