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Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction equipment can help businesses achieve savings on their electricity bill.  Before installing power factor correction equipment, an in-depth analysis of the energy consumption and power quality has to be performed.

EVM Energy Ltd conducts energy auditing of your premises in order to collect all electricity consumption and power quality data.  This data is analyzed by our team of engineers who will produce a detailed report of their findings to the client.  The report would list the findings on energy consumption and power quality and include a specification of the required power factor correction equipment necessary for the premises.  A cost benefit analyses and savings achieved via installing power correction equipment is also included. 

Further to the analyses, EVM also supplies and installs fixed and variable power factor correction units and provides support for application of kVA electricity tariffs.  We also offer repair and maintenance services for power factor systems.

Battery Analysis

Batteries in battery operated equipment such as electric forklifts require periodic maintenance and monitoring to make sure the battery is being used in its optimal conditions. With the use of our battery monitoring equipment, EVM provides support to our clients which might have problems such as low capacity or low lifetime of their batteries in battery operated equipment.

Battery Capacity Testing

Battery state of health is a measure which is sometimes needed but cannot be read directly from the equipment or the battery itself.  At EVM Energy Ltd we have the equipment required to perform tests on many different types of batteries such as deep cycle, traction and storage batteries.  Our equipment can cycle batteries of up to 600V and measure their actual energy storage capacity also known as the state of health of a battery.  A detailed report is presented to the client showing the main battery test data and the present capacity (state of health) of the battery. 

Toolshop & Machining Services

We also offer a range of machine shop services for our customers. Operating from our facility located at the Mosta Technopark, we are capable of manufacturing precision machined components and assemblies to customer specifications. Our focus is on precision machining of parts related to plastic injection mould manufacturing and automation parts.  We also have an in-house design team able to help our customers on any design.

In our dedicated facility, certified to ISO 9001 and ISO IATF 16949 Automotive Standards, we have a layout consisting of conventional, CNC and EDM machines.  For quality assurance we also have a CMM machine and various metrological equipment to ensure the requested customer quality.  Complementing our facility are other services such as heat treatment and welding.

General Engineering Services

We are also able to provide general engineering services covering a wide range of applications in the manufacturing, automation and electrical services.

Boat Electrification

EVM is the local representative of Aquamot which is a manufacturer of electric boat drives from Austria.  The Aquamot range of motors varies in power and type to suit many different types of boats.  EVM designs electric boat conversions and supplies all the required parts for your electric boat conversion such as; electric motor, battery, solar and shore charging and control equipment.  The designs can be custom made to the customer’s requirements.  EVM can supply all components necessary for electrification of your boat and design them to work together in the most efficient way.

SLA Prototyping Services

Building on our in-house expertise on mechanical product development, we are now offering our experience and expertise in SLA rapid prototyping. Too expensive to build initial product moulds? Need to create a prototype for a concept product? Our people have the skills to see you through from 3D model creation to finished product. Talk to us for more info!

IT Infrastructure Services

We provide IT contracting and support services to small businesses. By providing a focus on simple systems and networks and leveraging the growing ecosystem of open-source solutions, we can help any startup or small business get started with IT, from cabling infrastructure to setting up web services.